Structural Engineering

Macchi Engineers has extensive experience in the design of many diverse structures, including hospitals, firehouses, educational facilities, parking garages, hotels, housing projects, churches, bridges and dams, and industrial buildings. Our expertise also includes special structures such as fish ladders, fish hatcheries and steel sculptures.

Many of these projects include structural inspections and analysis, new structural designs, feasibility studies, code updates, repairs, rehabilitations, renovations and additions. Our professionals remain cognizant of new materials and construction methods, which allow our studies of each project to include in-depth evaluations of functional, technical and economic aspects. Then we determine, with our clients, the preferred layouts and structural systems for design.

Inspection and Appraisal of existing conditions
Structural Analysis and Design
Third Party Structural Review
Structural Evaluation and Reporting
Seismic Analysis
Load Rating
Construction Inspection and Administration
Forensic Analysis
Special Inspection
Structural Investigations
Foundation Design